Attention local start-ups! Need group-building activities? A company retreat? Or simply an opportunity to vent your frustrations in a non harmful way? Aconite Capital is holding its second ever corporate Amazing Race, a marathon of head-scratching puzzles, team-building challenges, and trust exercises, all wrapped up in a day’s worth of travelling within and across the city of San Francisco.

Aconite Capital recommends participants show up in appropriate attire (i.e.: running shoes and activewear), as the Amazing Race will require extensive walking and, if last year was any indication, sprinting. Food and refreshments will be provided at checkpoints during the race, and afterwards during the awards ceremony. All proceeds from the event will go directly to the Genevieve Initiative, an organization dedicated to improving mental health awareness in elementary schools and high schools across the nation.

Companies must register a minimum of four members to participate in the event. We look forward to seeing you there!