Aconite Capital is an investment group and venture capital firm. Through experience and innovation, we partner with companies big and small, and work with them in all areas and all stages. We’re ready to see your company succeed. Are you?




Have a smartphone idea that you think can rival Apple and Android, but not the funds to build a prototype? The Aconite family is here for you.


Helping gaming companies with the funding they need to develop their content.


Whether a pharmaceutical lab or private nutrition store, Aconite has a way to help.


If you think you can improve texting or reincarnate phone calls, but don’t have the funds, we can help you get started.

Data & Analytics

A budding company with the brainpower to revolutionize data collection, but not enough cash in the bank to get past incubation? Aconite would be delighted to invest in your company.

Apps and Services

We heard you have a dating app named Kindler that can’t quite get off its feet. Aconite can help you reach out to the public…and your future significant other.

Travel & Transportation

Whether you’re a freight company in need of equipment, or a privately owned tourism business with a dream of going public, we can be your first investors.


It’s been your dream to help businesses calculate revenue and rankings, and broaden their target audience. It’s our dream to help you.